Harry Styles Escapes Mob of Fans: Video Shows Harry Upset by Fan Mania

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Harry Styles mobbed NYC video hotel climbs under railings
Harry Styles has been continually mobbed by fans in NYC and it's starting to get to him. Check out the video, pic and eyewitness accounts of Directioners crowding Harry's space. It's not pretty or safe. Harry Styles was mobbed more times than we can count during his recent stay in NYC--wherever Harry went, so did a swarming crowd of fans.

In most cases, the fans just didn't give Harry any space--hardly enough to even get through to an awaiting car or inside of his hotel.

It looks like Harry finally found a back door entrance in the video below, but fans were wise to stake out the area, waiting for him to arrive.

Hazza is seen trying to get through the crowd who close in on him...in fact, there's no room for him to pass so he escapes by climbing under a railing to get into the hotel.

Poor Harry! We know it's exciting to get up close with the One Direction heartthrob, but have a little respect for personal space.

During one mob sesh, an eyewitness told omg!, "Harry looked really upset and scared. Security cleared a path for him but one girl threw herself at him and the rest followed."

They added, "He had to crawl under someone's legs to get into his car, security were going crazy and Harry looked like he was going to cry."

A fan on Twitter recounted the scene on June 30, when a fan grabbed Harry and he wasn't too thrilled, as @oh1Dstalker tweeted: "she grabbed his arm and was like 'harry can i take a picture' and he was like 'you're not taking a picture by grabbing my arm.'"

Do we need to talk about boundaries?


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