'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 4: Melissa Reveals Secrets

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Following her return to town last week, Spencer's sister, Melissa, is revealing some shocking details about Det. Wilden. Check out what happened when Aria and Spencer set her up on this week's Pretty Little Liars.
Spencer's older sister, Melissa, is still in town...and she's dropping some bombshells.

Following last week's episode when she returned, Melissa seems to be keeping more secrets than we thought...particularly when it comes to Det. Wilden's death.

Check out the top moments from this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Melissa Gets Caught: Spencer and Aria plant Melissa's mask in her suitcase, and then follow her to Hector's cabin when she freaks out and heads there. When they get there, Spencer catches Melissa dumping the rest of her face masks in a lake, and when Spencer makes her presence known and demands answers, Melissa drops some bombs. She says she was on the Halloween train and wonders if Alison is still alive. And she also says she's been looking out for Spencer this whole time. One question she didn't give a clear answer to, though, was if she had anything to do with Wilden's death. Which, needless to say, made her look very suspicious.

Aria's Romance Fizzles: Aria and Jake go on a date together, and Ezra's son pretty much ruins that romantic rendezvous when they run into him unexpectedly. Following that encounter, Jake tells Aria he thinks she still has feelings for Ezra and she needs to figure out if she's over him before they can move forward.

Toby's Search Continues: Toby meets up with Dr. Palmer in hopes of getting more answers about his supposedly suicidal mom. Dr. Palmer worked at Radley while Toby's mom was a patient, but that turns out to be a dead end when he discovers that Dr. Palmer has dementia.

Emily's Father Returns: Emily's father returns to sort out her drama, but Emily ends up running away as a result. Later on, we see that someone called in a domestic disturbance on Emily's household. All signs point to 'A' on that one.

Hanna's Suspicious Mom: Hanna is convinced her mom killed Wilden and there's a couple of new detectives in town who are very suspicious of Ashley as well. "I think my mom killed Wilden and 'A' knows it," Hanna says at the end of the episode.

We can't wait to find out why.

Don't miss next week's Pretty Little Liars Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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