Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reportedly Together on Fourth of July!

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Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together? We think so!

According to several Instagram pics, movies and tweets, Justin and Selena spent the Fourth of July together.

It all started when Alfredo Flores, Bieber and Sel's mutual pal, posted an Instagram video that showed Selena off at the very end, proving she was at least spending the fourth of July with him. THEN, Jas Prince, Christina MIllian's fiance, posted a holiday Instagram video that showed Bieber in the background with his arm around Selena!

Jas then tweeted on July 5, "Shout out to my crew @ChristinaMilian @LilTwist @justinbieber @AlfredoFlores @MAEJORALI." Selena is not mentioned n the tweet but we KNOW that she was with Alfredo on the fourth (thanks to his video) and according to this tweet, Alfredo was with Bieber on the same night. Hmmm!

Lil Twist really sealed the Jelena-rumors deal when he posted a picture of Justin and then a little later posted one of Selena on the fourth too!

All of this comes after Justin and Selena were recently spotted in Los Angeles together AND after she was seen wearing his shirt at Disneyland. We wonder what her BFF Taylor Swift will have to say?

Do you think Jelena is back on? Do you think the two singers spent Independence Day together?

UPDATE: Justin just posted a pic of him and Selena on Instagram with the caption, "#heartbreaker." We aren't sure when the photo was taken but we think it basically proves they WERE together on the 4th of July!

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