One Direction Fan Mania: Directioner Falls Through Glass Window

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Liam Payne tweeted about a One Direction fan getting injured while he was in Montreal, falling through a glass window! The constant mob of fans surrounding 1D is cause for concern--are Directioners bound to get hurt in these conditions? Liam Payne tweets fan falls through glass windowHas One Direction fan mania gone too far?

Liam Payne tweeted recently about a Directioner who got hurt while trying to get just a little closer to him.

On July 3, Liam tweeted about shopping in Montreal, writing: "Well that was a crazy shopping trip ... Hope the girl who fell through the glass was ok xx"

Oh wow. That sounds fairly serious.

We've seen Harry Styles get completely mobbed by fans every time he's out in public, so it's no surprise that people can get hurt in the crowds of fans.

Harry was even seen helping a fan that was pushed and fell in one of the mob scenes.

In the August 2013 issue of Glamour magazine, the One Direction guys were asked about their rabid fans.

Liam said in the mag interview, "I don't think it's ever something we'll get fully used to...We kind of try to stay under the radar and not tweet where we are. Yesterday me and Niall went out shopping in Amsterdam. And literally every single shop we went into, they had to close the shop because there were so many people outside. Some girl tried to pull my hair out. It's quite mad."

When asked if they ever feared for their safety, Zayn Malik said, "Never. I'm not too worried about 12-year-olds jumping on me. But when it comes to their safety, running in front of cars and stuff, it does get scary."

Stay safe, Directioners!

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