'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 2: The Vogel-Dexter Connection

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We had a feeling there was something up with Dr. Vogel. This week, we found out exactly what her connection to Dexter is. Check out what went down on this week's shocking episode of 'Dexter'.
This week's episode of Dexter totally made our jaws drop.

There's way more to Dr. Vogel than there first appeared to be...and tonight we learned exactly what that is.

Check out our reaction to the top moments of Dexter!

Shocking Revelation: Dr. Vogel's connection to Dexter had everything to do with his dad, Harry. As it turns out, Harry, turned to Vogel when Dexter was little for advice on how to deal with Dexter's morbid obsessions. Vogel shows Dexter a tape of his dad, and in it Harry says he's worried about Dexter, and he shows her something Dexter took from a crime scene--a piece of glass with blood on it. This appears to be where he got his inspiration behind the blood slide souvenirs he takes from his victims. Even more shocking, Vogel says she came up with Harry's killing code for Dexter, and now she needs a favor--for him to find out which one of her former patients could be the new serial killer.

The "Brain Surgeon": The latest serial killer is still on the loose. Another body shows up--same head chop, same story. And while it looks like Dexter is on to the killer, he finds the man he suspects, Lyle Sussman, dead and hanging from a hook. Dexter has gotten it wrong this time. The actual killer forced Sussman to commit the last murder, and that person, is still unknown.

Deb's Getting Worse: Deb gets a beat down after she tries to keep Briggs' jewels from a hitman named El Sapo (we saw him essentially stalking her outside of Briggs' home in the last episode). Then, he leaves her in a storage unit. She gets out, but when she does, El Sapo is dead, her gun is in his glove compartment and she's back at home with a bruised body. While it looked like Deb was innocent at first, she later 'fesses up to El Sapo's murder to Dexter. It looks like Deb isn't coming out from the deep end any time soon.

Does anybody else think something is off with Dr. Vogel? What did you think about this week's episode of Dexter?

Don't miss the next episode of Dexter Sunday at 9 p.m. on Showtime.


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