Is Kendall Jenner Breaking the Law in New Keek Video?

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Kendall Jenner recently posted a Keek video where she appears to be filming herself while driving. It is illegal to use your cell phone while behind the wheel in California. Do you think Kendall was breaking the law? We all know that Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie are frequent Keekers. But, did Kendall take it too far with her recent post on the popular video site?

In a new video, Kendall is in the car, listening to Kanye West's song "Clique," which ironically references sister Kim Kardashian's sex tape when the rapper sings "my girl a superstar all from a home movie."

Strangely enough, that isn't the most disturbing part about the video.

"I am currently stuck in traffic and moving so slow," Kendall laments. "I just wanted to say 'hi' because I'm bored," she continues and then asks their fans how their days are going.

No big deal, right?

Actually, it might be...

Unfortunately, Kendall lives in California, where using your cell phone while driving is illegal. Unless Kendall shot the video using a camera and then uploaded it later, it looks like she is, in fact, using her phone while she's behind the wheel.

Do you think Kendall is breaking the law in this video?



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