Amanda Bynes Calls President Obama "Ugly," Says She Weighs 107 Pounds

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The former Nickelodeon actress lashes out at the President and First Lady on Twitter, calling them "ugly" and says she now weighs only 107 pounds Not even the President and First Lady are safe from Amanda Bynes' immature Twitter attacks.

The erratically behaving starlet, who's called everyone from Miley Cyrus to her own sister ugly, is now calling out both Barack and Michelle Obama on their looks.

"Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!" Amanda Tweeted today. The President and the First Lady both have Twitter accounts, but it's highly unlikely that they'd even entertain Amanda's insults with a reply.

And that wasn't the only surprising thing she's Tweeting these days.

Amanda, who's said she suffers from an eating disorder, Tweeted that she's lost 28 pounds.

"135 to 107.2!" she Tweeted, along with a photo of her scale showing the lighter weight.

She's scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for her arrest back in May for possible marijuana posession.

Do you think Amanda is out of control?


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