Is Lady Gaga Hiding a Big Secret That Could Destroy Her Career?

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Lady Gaga is reportedly desperate to keep legal documents away from the public, claiming that they would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her. Is Lady Gaga hiding a big secret that could destroy her entire career?

Well, it definitely looks like there's something she wants to keep under wraps...

In a new lawsuit, which involves Gaga's pal Wendy Starland and former boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari over money that Wendy feels she is owed for discovering Gaga, there is apparently some information that Gaga is terrified will become public.

According to TMZ, Gaga filed documents begging the court to seal some information, which her camp claims is "sensitive, private and personal," saying that if it was released, it would "inflict significant personal and professional harm upon" her.

Considering that Gaga dated Rob Fusari, he could definitely have some dirt on her, but something that could ruin her career?

It seems that the request to seal the documents has actually made people more curious.

Do you think the information will ever be released? What do you think might be in them that Gaga is so afraid of?

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