Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan Breakup Report: She's "Devastated"

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Did Niall Horan and Zoe Whelan break up? Were they ever dating? Get the latest report about how Niall and Zoe split and how the One Direction star blew her off, according to a source. %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-58%
Did Niall Horan and girlfriend Zoe Whelan break up?

Were they ever dating?

Last week, we reported on the rumors that Niall and Zoe were secretly dating, but a new report says they've split up.

The reason? A busy schedule for the One Direction heartthrob.

A source tells The Mirror, "It's all over for Niall and Zoe, and it is completely because of his side of things," adding, "Obviously it was always going to be hard to have an ongoing relationship when his job has him traveling around so much."

The source continued, "But there's been no push from Niall to keep things going at all and has told Zoe it is over by completely blanking her."

Niall reportedly has snubbed her, with the insider squealing, "She hasn't even had a text from him, let alone a call, for nearly two weeks."

Zoe reportedly has "refused to say a word to anyone about the relationship" to "respect" Niall, but the source added, "it seems just doing her job is too much for 1D's people, who appear to have pressured Niall to cut all ties with Zoe. It's cruel the way he's done it, and she's obviously a bit devastated it's over."

Do you think Niall and Zoe were dating? Did they break up? Are they keeping the romance on the down-low?



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