'True Blood': Warlow Is Revealed! And Six More Shockers in 'At Last'

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ZOMG! Warlow is waaay cuter than we thought, Eric introduces Willa to a new diet (hint: it's not a juice cleanse), and Andy's quadruplets are all grown up and ready to par-tay. Wow! True Blood's fourth episode was so full of shockers that we counted seven spit takes. (That's a lot of wasted synthetic faerie blood!)

So without further ado, let's sink our teeth into "At Last":

1. Ben (Rob Kazinsky) is a faerie and a vampire?! Oh, what luck for Sookie (Anna Paquin)! She can't deny she has a thing for vamps, so Ben could be a perfect new boyfriend. Plus, he saved her brother, which should count for a lot.

2. Ben did such a good job saving Jason, in fact, that Officer Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is beginning to question his own sexuality. Their sexy shaving scene was only a dream, but it sure looks like it had a happy ending (ahem) before Jason woke up.

3. ZOMG-Ben is Warlow! Who saw that coming? It seemed so obvious it was Niall, and not just because Rutger Hauer's iMDB page originally credited him as both M. Warlow and Niall Brigant. Well played, HBO. We thought for sure Grandpa was either (1) lying or (2) unknowingly possessed by the ancient vampire. Our bad!

4. Benlow does Very Bad Things to Gramps: After glamouring Jason to say goodbye to the old curmudgeon and stay away from Sookie's, Benlow drains out Niall-spitting out his blood like he's siphoning a gas tank-and tosses him into the other dimension. Here's hoping he's not really lost in time, like tears in rain.

5. Game on, advantage Sookie: As soon as Miss Stackhouse realized Ben's blood was flowing in her bro's veins, she set up the fanged fae. After a romantic, home-cooked dinner (spiced up with a liberal dash of colloidal silver), Sookie pretends to seduce Ben-before threatening him to unleash her deadly orb. Or in her words, "Get the f--- off me or die, Warlow." (Aw man, he brought flowers and everything.)

6. ZOMG 2-Willa Burrell is a vampire too! The governor's daughter totally submitted herself to Eric (as anyone whose parts are working would do when faced with Alexander Skarsgård). But to the freshly turned vampire's disappointment, the dreamy Mr. Northman wasn't interested in fang-bangin'. Instead, he commanded her to return home and persuade the governor to acknowledge that she and the other vampires aren't monsters and put a halt to the persecution. Epic fail: She attacked pops. Looks like her next stop is a concentration camp.

7. Overnight (that is, as soon as the lights were out), Andy Bellefleur's faerie quads grew up to be beautiful babes eager to party and flaunt their curves. Unfortunately, Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) kidnapped them so he could synthesize their blood. But Jessica might have cut off his supply-she couldn't resist their sweet-as-honey blood and might have slaughtered the entire foursome. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.

In other, less surprising Bon Temps news, Alcide growled, Sam hooked up with Nicole (toldja!), and the LAVTF captured Pam. Maybe she'll become besties with Willa Burrell in Camp Truman?

Bonus: Best Sound Bites!
  • "Come on girls, it's time for bed-you haven't slept since you were 3!" -Andy Bellefleur
  • "No, no, no, spit it out: tell me what you're unthinking!" -Jason when Grandpa Niall says it's "unthinkable" that a vampire was able to turn a faerie
  • "That was my best Dirty Harry!" -Jason failing to beat the truth out of the liquor store clerk

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