Grown Ups 2: Guess Who?

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Which Grown Ups 2 star is this curly-haired cutie?

It's Halston Sage!

When Halston was a kid, she wanted to grow up to be a dentist (maybe because those braces gave her such a killer smile)! She got her start in acting on Nickelodeon, landing roles as a guest star on Victorious and then as a series regular on How to Rock. Now, she's starring in a new television show, Crisis, coming to NBC this fall.

Playing Nancy in Grown Ups 2 isn't Halston's first movie role. She recently appeared in The Bling Ring alongside Emma Watson and stars in the upcoming film Townies, where she kisses Zac Efron! We hope her real life boyfriend, James Maslow of Big Time Rush, wasn't jealous!

When she isn't working, Halston likes to go horseback riding. (She says it's her hidden talent!)

Grown Ups 2 hits theaters this Friday, July 12.

That same afternoon, Halston and her fellow Grown Ups 2 star David Henrie will be joining us in studio for a Live Couch Sesh at 2:30 p.m. PT to celebrate the release of the movie and answer your questions! Don't miss it!

Check out Halston and her beautiful smile today, below the pics of the Hot Young Guys from Grown Ups 2.

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Here's Halston today:

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