'Candidly Nicole': Does Nicole Richie Have a Sleeping Addiction?

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Nicole Richie heads to a sleep clinic to find out why she keeps "waking up exhausted." Check out the solution to her sleep issues on this week's episode of Candidly Nicole! Nicole Richie needs a fast fix for her sleep issues...as it is totally messing with her porn watching.

On this episode of Candidly Nicole, the fashion mogul heads to a sleep clinic to find out if she's just "in love with sleep" or if she actually has a "sleep problem."

"I love to sleep," Nicole tells the doctor. "I like to sleep so much that I wake up exhausted from sleeping so hard."

She falls asleep watching thrillers and porn, for example, which should definitely keep her up.

After a sleep test, Nicole gets the lowdown from the doc, who tells her she's supposed to get about seven hours of sleep a day and that people that sleepwalk aren't crazy (but if you dream about cats, you might be).

Find out the other sleeping tips Nicole picked up on this week's Candidly Nicole!

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