Justin Bieber Caught Peeing In Restaurant Mop Bucket! (WATCH)

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber really pissed people off this time...literally!

In new video obtained by TMZ, Justin is seen, during one of his recent trips to New York City, urininating in a mop bucket after a night out with friends.

It all went down at NYC nightclub when Bieber and his pals were leaving the establishment. Instead of exiting like the others do, Bieber and friends were forced to leave from the kitchen because of Justin's fans. While passing through the kitchen, Justin decided he had to pee. Instead of going to the bathroom like all of us, he whipped everything out and peed in a mop bucket that was sitting there! Who does that?!!

The video shows Justin and his friends laughing it up after he releases himself. They even acted like they were doing the club a favor by letting him pee there. Not to mention, the guys talk about drinking alcohol and being drunk and Justin's clearly not old enough to drink the United States. Justin even gives former President Bill Clinton quite the shout out!

"F*** Bill Clinton!" Justin said after he grabbed a bottle of cleaning spray and squirted a picture of Bill Clinton on the wall of the club.

We aren't sure what Bill did to Justin...

Click here to watch the video of Justin peeing in the mop bucket and let us know what you think!

Was Bieber just acting like a normal 19-year-old or is he officially a jerk? Chime in!

UPDATE: Justin tweeted about the incident and also said he has talked to Bill Clinton. Click for details!

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