Justin Bieber Ticks Off Hockey Fans After He Touches Stanley Cup (PIC!)

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Justin Bieber really ticked people off this time! Not only did he get his own Chicago Blackhawks NHL jersey but he also got to take a picture AND touch the Stanley Cup...a big no-no in the hockey world! Find out what fans are saying and why they're super mad about the whole thing! Justin Bieber with the Stanley CupWhen NBA fans aren't mad at Justin Bieber, NHL fans are!

Bieber recently upset hockey fans when this year's champs, the Chicaco Blackhawks', marketing guy, Peter Hassen, posted a picture online of the pop star posing with and touching the Stanley Cup. As if that wasn't bad enough, a personalized "Bieber" Blackhawks jersey could be seen in the background of the pic too!

We aren't really sure why hockey fans got so upset over Bieber's hockey pic but we're guessing it's because of the Stanley Cup's historical significance and that not just ANYONE is allowed to see it and touch it. Oh, and the indoor sunglasses and typical Bieber #1 pose, didn't help him much either.

We honestly don't think the picture of Bieber and the cup is that big of a deal. Afterall, Justin IS a huge hockey fan! But we get it, he should've kept his hands off!

Check out some of the tweets that went out when Peter tweeted the Biebs' pic!

Do you blame hockey fans for being upset over the Bieber photo?

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