Kendall Jenner Has a Paddleboarding Date With Her Brother Brody!

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Life's a beach for Kendall and Brody Jenner!

The two half siblings were spotted paddleboarding together in Malibu as E! reality cameras rolled for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Brody has been a bigger part of the show this season and has shared he wishes he was closer to his father Bruce Jenner, while youngest sister Kylie revealed she needs a break from Kendall on a recent episode.

And this week, Kylie called Jaden Smith her "best friend" while giving him a birthday shoutout on Instagram.

We wondered if maybe Kendall and Brody have been feeling a bit left out lately, and maybe that's why they did a solo brother sister outing.

But it seems all's well between Kendall and Kylie these days. Yesterday, Kendall posted a picture from a dinner with herself, her sister and a friend on her Twitter.

We're glad all the Jenner siblings are getting along!
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