'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4, Episode 5: College Trip Gone Wrong

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Things take a turn for the worse when the Pretty Little Liars crew heads to Cicero College to track down the number Ali's bird kept repeating. Take a look at what went down on this week's episode!
A trip to a local college goes way wrong for the Liars on this week's episode.

And that wasn't the only source of drama for the Pretty Little Liars crew.

Check out our reaction to what went down on this week's episode.

College Admission Woes: Spencer's mom sets up a meeting for her with a college admissions coach after she receives a rejection letter from the University of Pennsylvania. And although her mom is still going full force on getting her daughter into the university, Spencer takes a trip to Cicero College with Emily for a college visit day.

Melissa Heads Out: It looks like Melissa will be out of Spencer's hair for a little while-she's heading to London for an internship. Considering Melissa has been looking out for Spencer this whole time, it's not clear if that's a good or bad thing.

'A' Attacks: Perhaps Aria's mom should change her mind about sticking around Rosewood. Right after Ella tells Aria she's decided to stick around and not move out of the country temporarily with her boyfriend, 'A' attacks her, putting a swarm of bees in her car. Luckily, she survives, but not unscathed. Aria later gets into an argument with her brother about their mom moving, and Aria asks her dad to convince her mom to go oversees-for the most part to protect her.

Hanna's Mom: Yup, something's still off with Hanna's mom. And following Hanna's confession that she thinks her "mom killed Wilden and 'A' knows it," she finds a gun in her mom's closet on this episode.

Road Trip: Spencer and Emily's college visit day turns into an investigation, when they realize the school may hold the secrets to who "board shorts" is. The trip takes takes a turn for the worse, though, particularly when Hanna crashes it.

Here's what happens: A. Spencer and Emily also get into a war of words after Spencer calls Emily's college of choice "Podunk" and then mentions the fact that Emily was flirting with the college counselor instead of telling him she was gay (Okay, maybe it was Spencer doing most of the bashing).

B. Spencer and Emily find the room where someone placed a call from the number that Ali's bird, Tippi, had memorized, and it's inside of a sorority house. If you recall, CeCe was in a sorority, which begs the question of whether it was this particular sorority, Gamma Zeta, and if she had some sort of connection to it.

C. In a shocker, the episode ends with police taking Hanna into custody after they find her trying to bury her mom's gun in the woods. All signs point to 'A' drumming up this disaster, considering 'A' conveniently sent a text when Hanna was in the squad car that said, "Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer."

What did you think about tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars?

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