'Twisted' Betrayal: Danny and Lacey Make Out! And More Big Bombshells in 'The Fest and the Furious'

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Jo's hopes that Danny will be upgraded from BFF to BF are dashed when he smooches Lacey--who hides evidence that could save the convicted murderer from going back to jail! Twisted is officially more tangled than a game of Twister! This week a love triangle emerged--with convicted murderer Danny Desai (Avan Jogia) at the center. (You can't deny it: Girls love the bad boys.) And just as his mom's worst suspicions were seemingly confirmed--that he's a sociopath who also killed his classmate--new evidence surfaced that could prove his innocence.

Failing Trigonometry: Rico (Ashton Moio) hearts Jo (Maddie Hasson), Jo hearts Danny, Danny hearts Lacey (Kylie Bunbury)--and Lacey hearts Danny back. With stars in her eyes, Jo shed her Kurt Cobain duds for a ballgown and a blowout. While she danced the night away with Danny, Rico stared sadly from the sidelines. (He's enjoying zero perks from being a wallflower.) Then Danny ditched his date to make out with her frenemy Lacey. Poor Jo was understandably crestfallen when the pair arrived together at the diner. What a waste of lip gloss!

Proof of Innocence: You just can't trust ghosts these days. Even though Regina's spirit told Lacey Danny killed her, her living bestie found something pointing to another suspect: A threatening letter stuffed with cash, suggesting that Reggie was blackmailing the anonymous sender. A normal high school girl would pilfer most of the Benjamins, head the mall, and then deliver the evidence to Sheriff Masterson. Instead, Lacey chose to protect her slutty, dead friend's reputation instead of the alive hottie reviled by the townspeople. Huh? Forget law enforcement: the Scooby gang is going to solve this mystery on their own!

Mama Grizzly: Karen Desai is protecting her son at all costs--even though she now believes he's a psycho killer. (Qu'est-ce que c'est!) Unfortunately, Rico witnessed her tossing the incriminating necklace in the lake. (Thank you, Mrs. Desai. We can't stand that bargain-basement bauble. It's more hideous than Bella Swan's engagement ring.)

MIA: Why wasn't Archie (Grey Damon)--unknowingly now part of a Love Pentagon--at Green Grove's Fall Fest? Is he allergic to pumpkins, pottery and Pi pies?

Who do you think Regina was blackmailing? Could the letter prove Danny's innocence? Have we seen the last of the ugly necklace? And where is Archie? Somehow we think the episodes to come will raise more questions than answer them.


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