Demi Lovato Says Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez are "There for Me"

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Find out what Demi Lovato says about celebrity friends Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus and why they've always got her back. Demi's relationship with Nick, she shares, is really special--find out why! %VIRTUAL-Slideshow-2949%
Demi Lovato recently shared a little more about the special celeb BFFs in her life, dishing on Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

In a nutshell? They've all been there for her when she needed them--especially Nick, she reveals.

In a new interview with HuffPost Teen, Demi was asked about her friendship with Selena and Nick, and she had nothing but the highest of praise for them.

Demi explained, "You know, people in my life--like Selena and Nick and Miley, even--they've all been there for me during really hard times."

She continued, "I like to surround myself with people who understand where I am in my life and that have my best interests at heart. I feel like--especially with Nick--I feel like I can call him when I'm really struggling or whatever, and he'll be there for me. It's a really good feeling to have a friend like that."

We love their friendship!



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