Kylie Jenner Goes on Anti-Paparazzi Rant

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Kylie Jenner is just 15 years old and says that she thinks it's inappropriate that five guys follow her to school, saying that there should be laws against them.

Celebs deal with paparazzi every day. It seems that every move they make is being followed by the photogs, who are getting more and more brazen when it comes to getting the very valuable shots.

Unfortunately, for the celebrities, this often puts them in dangerous situations and endangers the public.

With the ever-increasing public interest in the Kardashians (and others in their circle), the family has been having more frequent run-ins with the shutterbugs.

Rob Kardashian had a paparazzo press charges against him, Kanye West is frequently having run-ins with them, Kim Kardashian recently raised her voice at an overly aggressive pap and Lamar Odom just smashed a paparazzo's camera after he asked him an offensive question.

Now, Kylie Jenner has become the most recent family member to speak out against them. In a new Keek video, Kylie explains that she thinks it's inappropriate that five men in cars follow her when she's just going to school (we thought she was being home-schooled?), especially since she's only 15 years old.

Watch the video above and tell us if you agree with Kylie.



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