Suri Cruise vs. Paparazzi: Photog Calls Her a Brat in Shocking New Video

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Why did a paparazzi call Suri Cruise a b*tch and a brat? Was Suri justified for yelling at the photographers who are always in her face? Watch the video of Suri and Katie Holmes and decide for yourself. Suri Cruise Paparazzi brat bitch video
Suri Cruise and mom Katie Holmes were surrounded by paparazzi in NYC recently--and it was all just a little too intense for Suri.

Watch the video, where Suri is seen yelling at the paparazzi, shouting, "We're trying to get in the car!" and asking photographers to "stop it" and "get out of the way."

Hey, you can hardly blame the kid, right?

Imagine being just a child with cameras shoved in your face every place you go?

One photographer is heard calling Suri a brat for her behavior.

Apparently, the guy can't understand why surrounding a little kid and shoving cameras in her face would make her act like a "brat," as he calls her.

Another photographer on the scene has a little more understanding, asking the guy to reconsider his comments, because he'll see things differently when he has a kid.

The guy's response? "I don't care. She's a...little brat kid."

What do you make of this? Was Suri being bratty? Do you think there should be laws that protect kids from being in the paparazzi spotlight?

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