Kanye West Flips Out on Paparazzo: "Don't Talk Ever Again!"

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Kim Kardashian's boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West was spotted at LAX this morning and he asked a paparazzo to stop talking to him. When the pap didn't listen, Kanye flipped out!
Kanye West wants everyone to stop talking...to him, to each other, to themselves...in the words of Yeezy, just "don't talk ever again!"

The new dad was spotted by a TMZ camera guy at LAX this morning and was in no mood for small talk...or any talk, for that matter!

"Yo, what's up Yeezus, I'm a big fan, bro-I love your work!" the pap said. At first, Kanye didn't seem too terribly bothered and told the photog that he appreciated the compliment, but that he doesn't want to chat with paparazzi.

He then elaborated, saying, "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know...and tell everybody, never talk to anyone that ANYONE KNOWS...don't talk to themselves, don't talk ever again!"

Apparently, the paparazzo missed the "don't" part of Kanye's "don't talk" request, because he continued talking to him, which absolutely infuriated the rapper!

Watch the video above to see what he did next!



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