Amanda Bynes Prepares for Rap Career, Gets Fitted for Gold Grill

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Amanda Bynes has been hinting that she will be pursuing a rap career. Now, the former Nickelodeon star has just been fitted for a gold diamond grill by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller. Amanda Bynes is really committed to this rapper thing!

The actress has been promising (threatening?) that she will be starting a rap career very soon via various messages on her Twitter site.

Then, Waka Flocka Flame recently told PerezHilton that he was already working with "AB" on her upcoming album. He said she wanted to go through some surgeries and "be ready" before the album came out.

Well, apparently one major part of getting "ready" for a rap career is getting your very own gold grill.

When Amanda first dropped hints about wanting to get in the rap game, celebrity jeweler Ben Baller tweeted the following to the former Nickelodeon starlet, "@AmandaBynes let me make you a gold diamond grill... that's if you're about that boss b*tch life."

Clearly, Amanda IS about that "boss b*tch life," because girl has just been fitted for a custom grill!

According to Ben's Instagram, he went to New York to create the $10,000 rose gold and pink diamond grill for Amanda and he has the molds to prove it. He also added that "she's a lot prettier in person."

We've seen A LOT of interesting looks from Amanda over the years, but a gold grill JUST might be her most surprising so far.

Now, we just have to wait for the photo to pop up on Twitter...

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