'Twisted' Sneak Peek: Danny's Life Is at Stake!

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It's a Twisted catfight in the clubhouse! While Jo and Lacey argue about how to save Danny, the trio also ID a new murder suspect: Reggie's secret ex-boyfriend. After some huge bombshells this week, the Twisted trio are dealing with the fallout...and it ain't pretty. (The fallout, that is. Obviously, nothing is prettier than Danny Desai.)

In the sneak peek for the next episode, "Three for the Road," Danny (Avan Jogia), Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) reunite at their old childhood clubhouse to discuss Regina's blackmail letter.

It's just like old times! Except the hormones have kicked in, and Danny is now in the middle of a high school love triangle--and a catfight!

Jo is not only jealous of Dancey's love connection, but also infuriated that Lacey won't hand over Danny's Get Out of Jail Free Card to the police.

"Danny's life is at stake here!" protests Jo, while Lacey is coolly indifferent. (She's texting her "boyfriend," so apparent her makeout sesh with Danny didn't result in any Facebook status updates.)

At least the amateur sleuths have one lead to follow: The mysterious missive has a return address in Connecticut--where Reggie's secret "boy toy" coincidentally lived when she dated him last year.

A clue in Connecticut can only mean one thing, right? Road trip! Hope the gas tank is full in the Scooby gang's Mystery Machine!


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