'Dexter' Season 8, Episode 3: Deb Confesses

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On the latest episode of Dexter, one of Dex's worst nightmares comes true when Deb gets drunk and owns up to LaGuerta's death at the Miami Metro station. Find out what happened next! What's eating Dexter Morgan?

Probably Deb's downfall.

Check out what went down on the latest episode of Dexter!

Deb is Still Spiraling: Deb has got to get her life back on track. She kicks off the episode drunk and sleeping in her car after she knocks over a parking meter. If that wasn't bad enough, a police officer, who recognizes her as "Lieutenant Morgan" finds her and then escorts to jail.

Quinn and Deb: Even though Jamie just talked to Quinn about his "obsession" with Deb, he jumps to Deb's aid (while he's in the bed with Jamie) when she calls him from the police station. Perhaps Jamie has a point.

The Brain Surgeon: The Brain Surgeon's victim that ended up on a hook last week, looked like he had killed himself when Dexter returned with the rest of the Miami Metro crew to the crime scene--which means someone messed with the body when Dexter left it. The real brain surgeon then went on to leave Vogel a text message that said, "look outside," where she found "His" and "Hers" brain pieces on her porch.

Meanwhile, Dexter finds a new Brain Surgeon suspect--a fitness sales guy named Galuzzo, who used to be one of Vogel's clients. It turns out he is not the Brain Surgeon, but he is a cannibal who keeps the internal organs of his victims in his fridge. So, just for kicks, Dexter kills him anyway.

Elway's concoctions: Deb's new boss, Elway, is a little creepy...and the juice concoctions he's whipping up for Deb aren't helping that thought go away. On top of that, he's way too into Deb's business (he asked her if she's sleeping with Quinn). Anyone else see this turning into another romance-gone-wrong for Deb?

The Confession: Deb gets drunk (again) and then stumbles into Miami Metro, bumps into Quinn and says, "I killed LaGuerta." Thankfully, Quinn mistakes that as drunken chatter and calls Dexter to come get her. And while all turned out well, we have a feeling Quinn isn't going to forget about that episode completely.

Vogel to the Rescue: After all but suggesting that Dexter kill Deb since she knows his serial killer secret, Vogel lets that go (for now) and kicks off a therapy session with her after her confession at Miami metro. This is after Dexter drugs and then handcuffs his sister to get her back home.

What did you think about tonight's episode of Dexter?


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