'Teen Wolf' Season 3, Episode 7: A Werewolf Dies

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On tonight's episode of 'Teen Wolf,' a major character goes down for good, and a shocking secret is revealed about Scott. Check out what we thought about tonight's episode of the MTV show.
Tonight's episode of Teen Wolf came with a shocking death...and a secret reveal about Scott.

While Derek survived the wrath of the Alphas to live another day, one of his pack members wasn't so lucky--Boyd--and it was at the hands of Derek. After Boyd, Derek and Isaac concoct a plan to take Kali down and fail, Derek faces off against her to keep the Alpha twins from killing his newfound ladylove Ms. Blake. In the midst of the fight, Kali forces Derek to kill Boyd, and then she warns him that he has until the next full moon to join the Alphas or she'll "kill everyone else."

In the midst of all of this, Scott has rushed off to rescue Deaton, who was taken (possibly by Darach) earlier in the episode. When he finds him, however, there's a big issue: Deaton is tied up by his arms and surrounded by Mountain Ash. Scott tries to push thorough the barrier to get him down, but even though his eyes turn red (like an Alpha's) when he does so, he isn't able to break through. Luckily, the sheriff comes to the rescue and helps Scott get Deaton down by firing off his gun.

Once Deaton has somewhat recovered from all of that, he tells Scott that he noticed his red eyes, and it means Scott is a true Alpha. He says a Beta can become an Alpha without having to kill or take the powers of another Alpha, and that although it hasn't happened in 100 years, a true Alpha rises on the true strength of virtue and character. And then he throws in another twist, saying, "Deucalion isn't after Derek. He's after you."

Aside from those big moments of the show, there were also other notable plotlines, including Scott and Allison getting thisclose to getting frisky in a closet, and Aiden and Lydia having a major make out session in a classroom.

What did you think about tonight's Teen Wolf?

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