Jay-Z Responds to Rumors About Rihanna Intervention

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Jay-Z has long enjoyed a very close working relationship with Rihanna.

In fact, as the president of her record label, Def Jam, Jay-Z is often credited with helping get her career on the right track.

Now, RiRi's personal life seems to be going a little off-track with her rocky relationship with Chris Brown and reports of hard partying, heavy drinking and alleged drug use, which has well-wishers looking to Jay-Z to reel her back in.

After rumors have been swirling that Jay-Z is planning to do an intervention with the R&B songstress, he finally set the record straight in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97.

When asked about a possible intervention, he responded, "That's not my place ...I can't control the outcome of her life."

He continued, "I can't intervene. I can give advice when asked, and that's it. I can provide information and then life has to play out. Life has to happen."

So, it sounds like Jay is taking one of Rihanna's recent song titles to heart and accepting that it's "Nobody's Business" ... not even his!

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