The Teen Mom 3 trailer has finally arrived and it looks INTENSE! There is a lot of crying, a lot of baby daddy drama and, of course, some police activity.

In the preview, Briana Dejesus butts heads with her baby's father, telling him "I'll be d*mned if I'll let her go with you alone!" and claiming that her child doesn't even know who he is.

As for Mackenzie Douthit, it seems she is trying to reconcile with her ex while he stoically declares, "I don't care what happens to us."

Meanwhile, Alex Sekella is working three jobs to try to take care of her child while her ex isn't working at all and it appears that he possibly overdoses at some point during the season.

Katie Yeager is also having baby daddy drama as she begs her child's father to love her like she loves him and he gets so angry, he starts smashing things around the house and tells her to get out of his life and do it fast!

Yikes! Looks like all three of these ladies have A LOT on their plates...

Are you going to watch Teen Mom 3?

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