Farrah Abraham: "Girls Have Big Jealousy Issues With Me"

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'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham claims that girls have major jealousy issues with her. She also says that people seeking fame need to rely on their brains and not their bodies. Depending on who you ask, Farrah Abraham is either famous or infamous, but the former Teen Mom star is clearly convinced that she is a major celebrity and that her haters are all just jealous.

Recently, she said that all of her haters were "wannabes" and in a new interview with Fox411, she seems to suggest that it's mostly women, saying "girls have big jealousy issues with me."

Farrah continues to say that you can't aspire to be famous because you're just "born for it" and "no matter how far you run, it's always there."

Ironically, in this interview (which occurred between various strip club appearances), the sex tape star says that people who are trying to become famous "need to rely on your brain and not your body."

Brilliantly, the interviewer then turned right around and asked Farrah to explain her second boob job where she changed her C-cups to D-cups.

As usual, her answer fell short and didn't really help her case very much.

Farrah also addressed reports that she was kicked out of rehab, saying, "My old manager, who is a lying b**ch, said I was disruptive. I never said that."

So, there you have it...

Now that we've heard what Farrah thinks, we want to know your opinion.

How many of you out there are jealous of Farrah?

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