Justin Bieber Reportedly Buys New Mansion in Colombia!

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justin bieber
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It looks like Justin Bieber is peacing out on California and heading to...Colombia!

According to Fox News, the Biebs just purchased a $2 million mansion in Cartagena, Colombia!

Apparently he fell in love with the coastal area after he stopped there recently on his Believe tour. His new crib reportedly has about 3,250 square feet of floor space and seven rooms, as well as a movie theater, four bathrooms and an open-air swimming pool. Swaggy!

There's no word on when Justin plans on moving in or even visiting the place, as we're sure it's going to be a vacation home, but we bet his Calabasas neighbors are super happy about his new purchase! Maybe he'll take his friends, parties and crazy antics to his new house instead of causing chaos in Cali!

Are you surprised Bieber bought a house in South America?!

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