Kendall Jenner's Secret Romance: Reality Star Hides Relationship for Over a Year

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Kendall Jenner has had a boyfriend for over a year and managed to keep their relationship under wraps despite TV and paparazzi cameras constantly following her family. Kendall Jenner has some major skills!

The 17-year-old reality starlet somehow managed to hide a boyfriend from the paparazzi, the public, AND the TV cameras for over a year!

So, who is Kendall's super sleuth boyfriend?

His name is Julian Brooks and to say he's easy on the eyes would be an understatement!

Julian has posted a couple pics of himself and his leading lady on his Instagram page and they make one absolutely gorgeous couple.

The funny thing about Kendall and Julian is that it doesn't seem like they were trying too hard to keep their relationship under wraps. For example, on one of Julian's Instagram photos of the two of them together, Julian wrote "<3 Kendall Jenner" as the caption.

Kendall was a little more discreet about it, tweeting about the couple's one year anniversary on May 7, writing "cant believe its been a whole year! :) time flies mann."

Kendall and Julian reportedly met when they were attending the same high school where Julian was a football player and Kendall and Kylie were cheerleaders. According to his Instagram, Julian is now attending the University of Nevada, but the distance doesn't seem to have put a damper on their relationship.

Are you surprised that Kendall managed to keep her relationship a secret for so long?

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