Which Idol Finalist Is the Messiest? The Biggest Diva? Party Animal?

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We know our Idol finalists pretty well, but not as well as they know each other. We asked them some superlatives and found out who is the messiest, the mother hen and the diva! Superlatives time!

We've gotten to know our Idols pretty well, but we still don't know them as well as they know each other. When we caught up with them at their tour rehearsal, we found out who in the group is the biggest diva, the messiest and the biggest party animal.

"Curtis is going to be the party animal all day," said Burnell Taylor. "Definitely," said Curtis Finch Jr. "I'm the partier. I'll take it. I'm good at it because I'm good at balancing work and play."

Curtis may be the party animal, but someone else likes to trash a room in her own way. "I hate to throw her under the bus, but Amber," answered Angie Miller when asked who is the messiest. "She just changes constantly," added Kree Harrison.

Amber not only didn't mind, but voted for herself too. "Probably me. Once I land somewhere I open my suitcase and throw everything out and there's like Fruit Loops everywhere."

With six girls on this tour, we'd imagine at least one of them with some diva tendencies, but "Surprisingly none of the girls are divas," Angie said. Instead, "I think Lazaro owns that diva attitude," Aubrey Cleland told us.

Check out the video (above) to find out who the momma hen is!


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