Hunter Hayes: 10-Year-Old Fan Comes Up With "Kool" Way To Buy Concert Ticket

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You won't believe what this adorable little Hunter Hayes fan did in order to go to one of his shows! She didn't want to ask her parents for the money so she came up with a plan to pay for it herself! Find out what she did here! Hunter HayesMost dedicated fan EVER?

When 10-year-old Faith Harris from Monroe County, Michigan heard her favorite country singer, Hunter Hayes, was going to perform at her town's fair, she was totally stoked and wanted to go. BUT, adorably, she didn't want to ask her parents for the $35 for the ticket so she came up with a clever idea to get the money on her own!

"(My parents) have done a lot for me, so I thought I would try to do something more respon­sible and raise the money myself," she said to

"The first time I heard his music, I got really into it," Faith said of Hunter.

Faith decided she was getting to Hunter Hayes by setting up a road-side stand and selling Kool-Aid to people. How cute is that?!

Faith asked her sister, Brooke, 8, to mix up pitchers full of juice and a neighbor girl named Julia to help fill all of the Styrofoam cups.

The concert isn't for a few days so they have a while to get the money they are looking for. Brooke and Julia will reportedly get the left ­over profit if Faith earns more money than $35. How sweet!

Hunter is set to perform in their town on July 28. At 75 cents a cup, we're pretty sure they'll reach their goal! Maybe they'll even earn enough so they can ALL go to the show?

Read more about this story HERE!

Even if they don't make it to the concert, the girls definitely get an "A" for effort and are by far some of the most dedicated Hunter Hayes fans we've ever seen!

Have you ever done anything like this to go see your favorite singer in concert? Let us know!

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