Justin Bieber's Tattoo Artist Says He's Addicted to Tattoos, Eye Tat Really Isn't His Mom's Eye

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We all caught a glimpse of Justin Bieber's new eye ink on his arm yesterday and now his tattoo artist is speaking out about the tat and Bieber too! Click to find out what he is saying Justin's addicted to and IF the eyeball on JB's arm is really his mom's eye! Justin Bieber's tattooJustin Bieber shocked us all when he debuted a new ink job on his arm yesterday!

The new tattoo was on Bieber's arm and it was his mom's eye! We aren't going to lie, it looks pretty freaking awesome but now the tattoo artist who does ALL of Bieber's tats, Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, is speaking out about the eye ink job and Justin's reportedly new addiction!

"Justin called me around 10:30 pm last night and asked if I could open up the shop," Keith told E! News of the Biebs' Tuesday trip to the tattoo shop.

"We are both so busy, and our schedules are pretty hectic, so I opened up the shop, and he came in around 4:00 a.m."

Wow, a tattoo artist on-call? That's pretty swaggy!

As for Justin's new tat, Bang Bang admitted it's not REALLY Pattie Mallette's actual eye on Bieber's arm.

"I went in and pulled up a couple of options of high resolution photography, and Justin chose a female eye that best represented what he was looking for," Keith added.

"I'm not sure what his next tattoo will be, but we both joked about how we are addicted to tattoos," he said.

"He joked, saying he's only 19, and he already has this many tattoos," Bang Bang continued.

Aww, we're bummed that isn't really his mom's eye! Why wouldn't he get an actual portrait of HER eye done?

Are you surprised Bang Bang said Bieber's addicted to tattoos? It totally seems like he is to us! We actually don't mind...at all. Do you?

Which one of Justin's tats do you like the best? Let us know!

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