Miley Cyrus Is Skeptical of Celebrity Support, Talks Cory Monteith's Passing (WATCH!)

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Miley Cyrus opened up to ET Canada recently about Cory Monteith's passing, celebrity support, haters and secretly being wild in her Disney days!

Totally not dissing Cory at all, Miley talked in the interview about how she's skeptical of those supporting Cory because they're more worried about a Twitter trend other than REALLY helping out where it matters.

She also talked about her Hannah Montana days and admitted that she was really wild during that time but wanted to show respect to those who gave her a start.

Miley admitted who keeps her motivated too and it's not Liam Hemsworth! Of course, it's all of her haters!

Check out ET Canada's full interview with Miley above! Do you agree with what she says about the celebrity support?

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