Kanye West Post-VMA Rant Tape Reveals More Taylor Swift, Pink Bashing

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Taylor Swift and Kanye WestKanye West REALLY had it in for Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and now newly released audio tapes reportedly prove it!

In new audio obtained by Gawker.com, a man that sounds A LOT like Kanye is heard bashing both Taylor Swift and Pink. The rant was reportedly secretly recorded while Kanye was eating dinner with friends the night of the VMAs that year.

In the recording the rapper is heard saying, "Because I did that, Taylor Swift cannot win over Beyoncé! Because I wrote my verse in two days, Taylor Swift cannot beat Beyoncé," he shouts.

"As long as I'm alive! And if I'm alive, kill me then! Kill me then! As long as I'm alive, you gon' have to deal with it. 'Cause there ain't gonna be no more mother**king Elvises with no James Browns."

Uh, okay?

It gets better, he goes on to bash innocent Pink because she was asked to perform twice that night and he wasn't!

Check out the full transcript of Kanye's post-VMA rant HERE!

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