Suri Cruise Flips Off Paparazzi? Pic Shows Suri Giving Middle Finger

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suri cruise
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Suri Cruise gives paparazzi middle finger pic flipping off photographersDid Suri Cruise flip off the paparazzi? A new photo showing Suri giving the middle finger is creating an uproar on the heels of her so-called "bratty" behavior recently.

You may recall that last week, a photographer was heard calling Suri a "brat" in a video that made the rounds.

Another photographer tried to talk the guy down, but he wasn't having it, believing Suri's behavior, yelling at the paps while they tried to snap a thousand pics, was uncalled for.

In the new photo, Suri appears to be subtly flipping the paparazzi off, but upon closer inspection, is she really just playing with her hair?

The pic seems to have snapped Suri in mid-twirl of her hair...

If she was giving the middle finger, we can't entirely blame her...the constant cameras in her face has got to get a kid down, don't you think?

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