'The Voice' Judges Spill About Season 5

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Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green, the original 'Voice' judges, will be back together again for season five of the show. At a recent press event, they answered some of the burning questions about the upcoming season. See what they had to say...

The original Voice judges, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green will all be back together on the show for season five.

During a recent press event, the fab four got together and spilled about the new season and how things are going now that they've all been reunited.

Here's what they had to say:

On the original judges' panel being reunited:

Christina says being back is like being "reconnected with old family," and says Blake and Adam are like brothers to her. Cee Lo says there was a little bit of an adjustment period, but it was an easy transition. Adam says he thinks season 5 is the best season so far and is really happy to be reunited with Christina and CeeLo.

On new strategies for season five:

CeeLo says the "strategy" is more about just discovering new people and new artists. Christina took a similar position, saying she doesn't pre-strategize and just comes and lives in the moment. Adam agreed, saying it isn't all about winning, it's more about "positively impacting these people's lives," saying the show has more of a "soul" than just being about winning. Blake, on the other hand, joked that it's still a lot of fun to win!

On how the show has impacted their lives:

Blake humbly says "If you Google my name, like no information before 2011. Maybe one of those reconnect with someone you went to high school with at websites come up or something." Carson even joked that Adam asked who Blake Shelton was when he found out who was going to be on the show with him.

On whether Christina and CeeLo felt like they were missing out during season four:

CeeLo said he watched a couple of the shows, but not to critique it, just because he genuinely enjoys it. Christina said she watched a couple of shows actually feeling relieved that she wasn't in the hot seat at some points. She does admit that when she wasn't watching, she was relieved about the things she was hearing, saying "thank God for Shakira and Usher coming in and being able to, man, hold the show and keep it going."

On what Christina did during her time off:

She says that she spent time with her son and took time to do things that inspire her, saying she wanted to gain a different perspective outside of the traditional celebrity stuff. She says she took her son to Tokyo, she went on some United Nations field missions and that those trips and the things she saw really hit her hard. She also explains how she's found a new inner peace and really feels strongly about spreading the love. "I just want to give love, receive love, and it's feeling very good. Feels very lovely," she said.

Are you excited to see Christina and CeeLo back on The Voice next season?

-Additional reporting by Tiffany Taylor



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