Vanessa Hudgens Always Wanted to Play Prostitute, Drug Addict?!

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The former High School Music star, who plays a prostitute in her latest movie The Frozen Ground, says she's always wanted to play darker roles Vanessa Hudgens is all grown up!

The former Disney star, who first became famous for High School Musical, played a girl gone wild in Spring Breakers and her next role is even more adult.

In The Frozen Ground, Vanessa plays a teenaged prostitute who helps a serial killer escape, and the 24-year-old says she actually always dreamed of taking a role like this!

She recalls how her first role was on a crime show. "My father gets shot right in front of me and I break down crying...and from that moment I was like 'I love dramas. I wanna play a drug addict, or a stripper or a prostitute' because it's a role that you really get to sink your teeth into," Vanessa explained to Yahoo! Movies UK.

Her roles aren't the only thing changing these days...Vanessa also showed off a new reddish haircolor in London this week!
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