Farrah Abraham Makes Shocking Allegation Against Michael Lohan

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Farrah Abraham recently claimed that the reports about her getting kicked out of rehab were false and that her former PR agent was a "lying b*tch." Now, she is alleging that the agent is sleeping with Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan. Farrah Abraham seems to put her foot in her mouth almost every time she talks.

Earlier this week, she angered many people when she was asked what she thought about Trayvon Martin and said she thought "she" was someone she had met, but couldn't place the face with the name.

To make matters worse, Farrah later tried to explain the unfortunate gaffe and just made matters worse (read her full statement here).

Also, during her media blitz, she has managed to insult some very high-profile people, including Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian and fellow Teen Mom star, Catelynn Lowell.

Now, she is taking aim at Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, who is a spokesperson for the Lukens Institute, where Farrah went to rehab.

When Michael spoke out about his experience with the Teen Mom turned porn star, he told RadarOnline that Farrah is desperate to become famous and dreams of becoming a Kardashian.

He also said, "When you look into her eyes, all you see black, darkness, evil."

Farrah, who reportedly got kicked out of the rehab facility for being disruptive, claims that her manager was the one who said that and that she is a "lying b*tch."

About Michael, Farrah claimed, "I don't even care what he says. My old PR person had me go to the Lukens Institute where he is the marketing person for them."

Then, she took it a step further, alleging that Michael cheated on his girlfriend with the agent, saying, "My PR person was basically screwing him and you know, he just had a child and every other thing."

Cambio called Farrah's old PR agency, GR Media, who claimed that the agent in question (Gina Rodriguez) had "no comment."

However, she seems to have changed her mind and posted the following on her Twitter page:

Also, Michael's current girlfriend Kate Major doesn't seem to be buying Farrah's side of the story, either. After Farrah made the allegation, Kate tweeted this:

Sounds like both of them are completely fed up with Farrah.

Whose side are you on: Kate/the PR firm or Farrah's?

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