Miley Cyrus Reveals She Wasn't Allowed to Watch 'Harry Potter', Falling Asleep at the Movie Premiere

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Miley Cyrus made us LOL when she recently admitted to falling asleep at a "Harry Potter" movie premiere a few years ago with her dad! Find out all about the moment and if her dad was embarrassed by her actions or not! Miley Cyrus and fans
Miley Cyrus recently talked about a time she REALLY embarrassed her dad and it's nothing she's done lately!

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Miley told fans about the time she embarrassed her dad after she fell asleep at a Harry Potter movie premiere! Don't worry, it's not because she hated the movie though!

"I had to go to the premiere and then I slept once I got in. I walked the carpet and I made my dad come with me and I literally laid down. He's like, 'You cannot do this at the theater right now! You're at the premiere, the actors are sitting right there.' I'm like, 'I can't do it, I'm exhausted! I don't know what's going on because I haven't seen the other ones'. I've only seen the first one," she said.

LOL! So she went to the premiere and never even saw the other movies?! Haha, that's awesome! We honestly don't blame her though, when a girl's tired...she's tired!

She also admitted that she wasn't allowed to watch the Harry Potter movies growing up.

"My mom wouldn't let me watch it when I was a kid. She said it was witchcraft, she said it was dark. She didn't know what I was gonna turn out to be! My mom had high hopes. She thought Harry Potter was gonna be the worst!"

Were you allowed to watch or read Harry Potter?

Check out more of Miley's interview with BBC Radio 1 HERE....she talks about Bieber!

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