Taylor Swift Rhode Island Mansion Security Beefs With Local Parade Volunteers

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Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift's security team is making quite an impression on her new hometown in Rhode Island!

Not only have they been accused of yelling at people on the public beach that touches Taylor's place or anyone that gets near her house, but now they're beefing with local parade volunteers.

It all went down around the Fourth of July. According to RadarOnline.com, Taylor's security called in and got the kids in a local Independence Day parade in trouble because they supposedly pelted candy at the guards.

"At the Fourth of July parade, some of the guards accused some of the EBA kids of 'pelting' them with candy but they were just passing it out. It was a parade!" a local told RadarOnline.com

"The guards got super pissy and called the supervisors of the whole program to complain about it," the source added.

"The guards are begrudgingly allowing the volunteers to clean up trash from the beach in front of Taylor's property for now," the source says. "It's progress, I suppose!"

As we all know, Taylor WAS at her Rhode Island mansion with pals during the Fourth of July! We're sure she was probably around when this went down!

Read more about this story here.

Are you surprised Taylor's security is causing so much drama in her new town?! Can you even believe her team is beefing with locals over parade candy?!

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