Demi Lovato Worried About Miley Cyrus Partying Too Much?

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Demi Lovato worried about Miley Cyrus partying clears up Justin Bieber diss Demi Lovato says she's a little bit worried about Miley Cyrus and her partying ways.

In a new interview with MTV News, Demi was asked about her friendship with Miley.

Demi shared, "She knows how I feel about the whole partying thing," adding, "I love her to death and I'm always like, 'Just be careful' and she's like, 'Dude, I'm chilling. It's fine.'"

It all comes from a place of love though, as Demi explained, "But I care for her so much that I'm so protective, but she's good. She's got a good head on her shoulders."

Demi and Miley are both nominated in the MTV VMAs Best Female Video category, and while Demi would love to collaborate with Miley in the future, don't expect any twerking videos of her to surface.

"She's twerking and she looks amazing doing it," Demi explained, adding, "I don't want to do it in public. One, because people are going to be like, 'Oh, who twerks better?' And two, I'm really tired of the word 'twerking.' It's like 'swag', it's like, 'OK, just stop.' Or 'YOLO;' just don't."

Demi also cleared up that whole rumored Justin Bieber diss--didn't happen, guys.

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Get More: Demi Lovato, Music News

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