'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Episode 8 Recap: The Kardashians Go to Greece

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This week on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians,' the family takes a trip to Greece, Kim Kardashian finalizes her divorce from Kris Humphries and Scott Disick plans a surprise party for Kourtney Kardashian.

This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian is worried that the judge won't approve the settlement with Kris Humphries and she'll be married when she gives birth to her baby.

Fortunately for Kim, the judge does approve it and by the end of the episode, she is officially divorced.

While Kim is dealing with her court drama, Scott Disick is busy planning a surprise party for Kourtney Kardashian.

Since nobody is ever able to plan a surprise for Kourt without her finding out, everyone wonders whether or not Scott will be able to pull it off.

Although he doesn't get Kourtney to the restaurant until much later than he had anticipated, he does manage to pull it off and she enjoys celebrating her birthday with her friends and family.

Also on the episode, Kris Jenner gets an invite to take the family to Greece and since everyone thinks it sounds like fun, they accept.

Well, most of them do...

Brody Jenner seems to be the only one who wasn't invited and when Bruce Jenner questions Kris about it, it sounds like she purposely left him out.

Brody's step-brother Rob Kardashian convinces him to go on the trip and tells him that since they're both single, they'll make the most of it, so Brody agrees to go.

Brody is extremely disappointed when he arrives in Greece and finds out that Rob cancelled at the last minute because he is feeling self-conscious about his body. To make matters worse, there is a ton of tension between him and Kris Jenner because he feels hurt that she didn't want to invite him in the first place.

By the end of the episode, Kris and Brody are exchanging words over dinner and we're left with a "To Be Continued" situation where we'll just have to wait until next week to see how the whole thing ultimately plays out.

Do you blame Brody for being mad at Kris?



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