One Direction "Best Song Ever" Music Video: Watch Full-Length and Short Versions!

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The highly anticipated One Direction "Best Song Ever" music video is here---watch now!

Well, actually two "Best Song Ever" videos landed--one full length version and a shorter 4-minute version.

Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam have been teasing fans about the "Best Song Ever" video and before the official music video was released, we knew it was going to be epic.

It doesn't disappoint, for sure.

It's great to see how all of those teased characters fit into the storyline of the "Best Song Ever" video, as Niall became Harvey the exec, Louis is studio exec Jonny, Harry is marketing guru Marcel, Liam is Leeroy the choreographer, and Zayn is the sexy (female) assistant Veronica?

Is the "Best Song Ever" the How about the video?

Highlights (well, there are too many!): Zayn beside himself as a girl, the 1D guys destroying everything...and the dancing!

What do you think of the 1D guys playing dress up? Who's your favorite character?

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