Does Farrah Abraham Stage Paparazzi Photo Ops?

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'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham has been accused of setting up photo ops where she calls the paparazzi and asks them to come photograph her. It seems that Farrah Abraham will do anything for publicity...and as much as she says she's not trying to be like Kim Kardashian, it seems she's taken quote a few pages out of the reality star's playbook.

Sex tape and reality show aside, Farrah is now being accused of calling the paparazzi to stage photo ops, which Kim has also been accused of doing.

This is the third time in as many months that Farrah has been accused of calling the paps to tip them off regarding her location.

The first time was at a porn convention when an attendee said that Farrah called the photogs to come take pictures of her at a meet and greet booth on the second day of a porn convention after nobody seemed to want to do either one with her on the first day.

The second incident occurred while she was in rehab and among other things she did that disturbed other patients, Farrah was accused of calling paparazzi to come take pictures of her at the facility.

Now, a third "impromptu" photo session is being called into question as a completely glammed-up bikini-clad Farrah appears to be caught by the cameras while she was playing in her apartment complex pool with her daughter. While the pics are supposed to look like paparazzi photos, there is nothing about any of the pictures that looks the least bit candid (see the photos here).

Are you surprised about reports that Farrah is calling the paparazzi to come take photos of her?

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