Mac Miller's Old Pre-Show Rituals? Puking Was the TAMER of the Two!

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Mac Miller is definitely an interesting guy! We caught up with Mac to talk about his summer tour, his pre-show rituals and his on-the-road must haves. Mac Miller is one interesting guy.

We met up with Mac at a secret location to talk about his summer tour, The Space Migration Tour, his pre-show rituals and his on-the-road must haves.

"The tour is going to be sick! We're going to 40 cities," he says. "Me and my friends, we're all touring together and putting on a show. It'll be tight." Mac's supporting acts include Chance The Rapper, Earl Sweatshirt, Meek Mill and more.

We've heard our share of unusual pre-show rituals, but this is definitely something...gut-wrenching. "I used to shit and puke," Mac tells us. "I always get really nervous." But he has cleaned up his act quite a bit. "Now I like to be by myself before shows or in a relaxed environment," he explains.

At least his on-the-road must haves are fairly normal. "Proper transportation, food and water, a blanket and pillow to sleep, clean utensils," Mac says. "And a nice DVD collection."

Check out the video above to hear Mac talk about his old touring days in a Volvo wagon!


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