'The Vampire Diaries' Romance Scoop: Delena's 'Honeymoon,' Beremy and Hope for Klaroline

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Big bads begone! Damon & Elena and Bonnie & Jeremy finally get some alone time in Season 5 (and maybe Klaus and Caroline too) Hey, guess which Vampire Diaries star fans love most? If Saturday's Comic-Con panel was anything to go by, Ian Somerhalder was the clear winner of this popularity contest.

Or maybe his fans just have better lungs. Our ears are still ringing from the thunderous applause and screams that erupted when he took the stage.

Here some other highlights from the panel. Check back soon for our up-close and personal interviews with the cast (swoon) and producers!

Delena 4Evah: Big bads begone! Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are going to enjoy a little honeymoon, at least at the beginning of Season 5. Showrunner Julie Plec vowed to try "to keep them happy amidst all the bad things that are trying to drive them apart."

Smoderhalder: "Don't underplay the sexy blue eyes," Paul Wesley retorted after when his TV brother said, "I thought they were joking--Damon never gets the girl." "Enjoy it, buddy, because I played it for three years," Wesley added. "It gets exhausting."

Oh, the Humanity! Katherine's vampire-to-human adjustment is going to be rocky. "She's going to be lost and weak and insecure," said Dobrev. In one early episode, Katherine gets sick, whining, "Now when I cough, it's green!" Ew.

College Days: The Mystic Falls High School grads are heading to college this season, which perplexes Wesley: "Why are we all pursuing higher education? We're all murderers! We can do whatever we want." But it's not all about cracking the books. "Caroline's pretty determined to get Tyler to college," said Candice Accola, "because Klaus is gone." ("Booo!" screamed virtually everyone in the audience.)

Klaroline: Will Klaus be coming back? "Klaus went and got his own damn show and left us high and dry," Somerhalder said about The Originals spinoff. "Never say never, said Plec, "but he's going to have his hands full in New Orleans." But she did offer a ray of hope for Klaroline shippers: "The question is whether Caroline will have her hands full with Klaus in New Orleans!"

Beremy: Since Jeremy is the only person Bonnie can communicate with, the couple will share a new "intimacy," teased Kat Graham. "Seeing her come to terms with the loss of her own life will be part of her emotionally journey as well," added Plec.

He's Baaack: Jeremy has some 'splaining to do about his resurrection. He'll get some help from his sister rehearsing his cover story: that he faked his own death, burned their house down and ran away from home. Damon -- Jeremy's new roommate -- will provide his own brand of tutelage: "Get him a fake ID and get him into strip clubs," joked Somerhalder.

Fan Appreciation Day: Mr. Eyebrows ended the panel with an earnest shout-out to The Vampire Diaries's fans: "Thank you for supporting and loving us," Somerhalder said before qualifying with a signature quip, "even when our storylines and acting suck."

Stay tuned for more scoop from Somerhalder & Co.--including the return of Silas as Stefan's doppelganger!!

Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 on the CW.


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