'True Blood': Two (and a Half) Shocking Deaths!

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Eric Northman survives, but True Blood kills off Terry, Governor Burrell and (possibly) Nora. Everyone knew that True Blood was going to kill off a series regular this season, but saying farewell was harder than we thought. Still it wasn't as devastating as the loss of Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Repeat: Eric did not die! So who did? And is Sookie (Anna Paquin) really a "danger whore"?

So Long, Terry Bellefleur: The fact that Arlene called in a vampire to erase her husband's PTSD and crippling guilt was a huge tipoff that his sniper buddy would make good on his promise. Why didn't she do this years ago? Guess it was better late than never, because he was almost blissful when he passed away in his wife's arms. We feel bad and all, but (1) Eric Northman survived and (2) we never have to hear about that ridiculous Ifrit again.

Farewell, Governor Burrell: Clap, clap, clap. Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), you have earned our forgiveness in spades. After an induced coma conference with Lilith, he guzzled all of the Bellefleur faerie blood and headed out in the sun to work on his tan. (If only the Bon Temps bloodsuckers knew about the daylight rings everyone's sporting in Mystic Falls.) Oh yeah, he also took advantage of the daylight to pay a visit to the governor's mansion, where he ripped off Burrell's head with his bare hands. So gruesome...and pretty great.

Woudn't Wanna Be Ya, Nora: Maybe Eric's sister will be saved, but before Burrell lost his head, he injected her with the deadly "Hep V" virus. But with Tara and Willa's help, they vampire siblings are able to escape. But en route, Eric discovers that Nora might not be the only victim of the virus: He sees a production line squirting it into every bottle of Tru Blood.

Would Wanna Be Ya, Sookie: After escaping to faerie land with Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), Sookie tied him to a tree to protect herself from his evil Hyde side...then had her way with him. Everyone in Bon Temps secretly (but not to a mind-reader) refers to her as a "danger whore," so girl might as well live up to her reputation. We know faeries are delicious, but did Sookie really need grab a bite out of him?

Other Highlights: Did we mention that Eric is alive? Turns out he and Pam didn't care for playing gladiator and took down most of the guards instead. Later, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) infiltrated the compound by convincing the LAVTF that he was a killing machine and really, really hated vampires. Adorbs. And (yawn) Sam returned Emma to her grandma, and Alcide banished him.

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