Lady Gaga's Plastic Surgery? Former BFF Says Singer Wanted Nose Job and Breast Lift

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Lady Gaga's former best friend Brendan Jay Sullivan wrote a new book where he details her alleged drug use before she became famous. Also in the book, he claims Gaga had a nose and boob job. Lady Gaga's former BFF is holding nothing back in his new book.

Yesterday, we reported that in his new book, Rivington Was Ours: The Lower East Side, Lady Gaga, and The Prime of Our Lives, Brendan Jay Sullivan accuses Gaga of being heavily involved with cocaine before she became famous.

As it turns out, the cocaine use wasn't the only thing he is attempting to "expose" from Gaga's past.

Also in the book, Brendan almost seems to be trying to add fuel to the fire for those who have accused the singer of having plastic surgery.

He says that during a night out in her early career, Gaga declared, "I'm getting a nose job," claiming that her current nose was holding her back.

He also alleges that Gaga said she wanted to have her breasts lifted and said that nobody, except her, would be able to tell the difference.

Since Gaga is so open about the things she has been through in her past and her own insecurities with her body, we'll believe the plastic surgery rumors when we hear them from Mother Monster herself.

In the meantime, we think she looks perfect just the way she is.

See Gaga looking gorgeous without a drop of makeup.

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