Nicole Richie Battles Pageant Princesses on 'Candidly Nicole'

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Is it too late to audition for Toddlers and Tiaras?

Not if you're Nicole Richie.

The 31-year-old fashionista took on the kiddie beauty pageant circuit on this week's Candidly Nicole, going head to head with pageant princesses for the big title of Ultimate Grand Supreme.

"I know I'm a few years older than the five, six and seven-year-olds that normally do pageants," Nicole quipped. "[But] I'm 5'1, I'm not that much taller than them, I can definitely give a little snap, a little kick somewhere. My boobs are bigger."

Essentially, she's got what it takes to put Honey Boo Boo to shame.

After getting the beauty pageant lowdown from consultant Georgina Vaughan, "naughty Nicky" gets ready for the pageant, throwing on a curly blonde wig, heavy makeup and a sparkly, frilly dress, to show a group of child beauty pageant pros what she's made of.

Are Nicole's moves and fierce faces enough to win the competition?

Check out the clip above to find out!

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